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Infographic: 10 Super Bowl XLIX fan engagement insights provided by Purview application analytics.

You have to admit, the fourth quarter of Super Bowl XLIX was packed with galvanizing on-field action. As the action heated up, many of the fans in the stadium put away their mobile phones. This is not conjecture, but an example of how Wi-Fi analytics data collected during the game can be vital to businesses looking to engage fans via their smartphones during a major stadium event.

As fans used the stadium Wi-Fi during Super Bowl XLIX, Extreme Networks collected detailed analytics. The data paints a dynamic profile of network and application access, the types of phones and operating systems being used, the top social networks and response times. If you have a business whose success is dependent on interaction with fans in the stadium, this data can help you optimize your results in terms of target operating system, highest traffic social networks and how to time your service.

The results show that 25 percent of the in-stadium fans connected a mobile device to the stadium Wi-Fi during the Super Bowl. This represents an upward tick over last year, when 16 percent of Super Bowl XLVIII fans connected via Wi-Fi. Based on when the largest number of fans were active on the network, the first quarter and Halftime represented the best times to engage them with a special smartphone-based offer.

Wondering which smartphone operating systems and apps you need to support? According to the analytics, you can reach 82 percent of the fans simply by supporting one major operating system. In terms of social network usage, Facebook was accessed by the largest number of fans, followed by Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. If you want to specifically engage fans via social networks, the analytics show that Halftime is your best window of opportunity.

Judging by the high bandwidth that was consumed sending data to the cloud, there was a lot of picture-taking and uploading going on. Knowing this, a business would do well to consider running a photo contest to engage the budding stadium photographers. Network data provided by application analytics like Purview can be an enormous benefit to all businesses and organizations. Insight into how and when your customers are most active and available for engagement, as well their favorite apps and media is critical for tuning your marketing plan as well as maximizing customer satisfaction. While the Super Bowl occurs but once per year, every day is gameday when it comes to interacting with your customers, students or patients.

This post was co-authored by Mike Leibovitz, Bob Nilsson, and Jim MacLeod of Extreme Networks