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Optimizing Landing Pages for Lead Generation

The strength of a business’ online presence is often indicative of their ability to maintain established customer relationships, while also engaging new potential customers. Inbound marketers therefore must expend much of their time and effort implementing channels that drive traffic to their websites, relying on landing pages built to convert leads into paying customers.

How to Partner with Social Influencers

There’s an old adage that it takes a village to raise a child. For many entrepreneurs, their business is their baby and some situations call for more hands on deck. Social media and marketing doesn’t happen in a vacuum so get out there and develop relationships with social influencers for maximum impact on your brand’s marketing strategies.

Phil Simon: Robert Reich Is Wrong

Robert Reich is at it again. The ex-Labor Secretary and unabashed free-market critic calls for breaking up Big Tech in the NY Times. From the piece: Whenever markets become concentrated, consumers end up paying more than they otherwise would, and innovations are squelched. Sure, big platforms let creators showcase and introduce new apps, songs, books, videos […]

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Periscope Launches Web Profiles Making it Easier to Find Content

Live-streaming is all the buzz among social media marketing-types at the moment, and the leader of the pack, at least at this stage, is Periscope. The Twitter-owned platform, which is currently seeing close to two million daily active users, is looking to capitalize on the popularity of the service, providing users with web profiles, making it easier […]

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