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Watch Jared In Action…

Jared Beard - Social Media Speaker

Jared Beard – Social Media Speaker

Jared Beard has been speaking for groups since the tender age of 14 as a drug abuse and leadership education trainer. In addition to his 12 years of teaching and training students, faculty, and staff at the Kelley School of Business, he has spoken for 100’s of groups and seminars on a professional level on topics from server virtualization to ROI in IT to social media in business and higher education. Below is a small sample of the many sessions Jared can prepare and present on for your organization:

Why Train Your People About Social Media?

What does your organization need to surf the waves in the social marketing ocean?  How will you get the most “bang for your buck”? How do you track the ROI?  Questions that justify our investigation into social marketing and social influence. This dynamic, humorous and edu-taining session will help your organization plan its move into social media/marketing and track the ROI of the results.  High level concepts and real world examples – both good and bad will be paraded out in all their pride and shameless glory.

Find out the answers to questions like: Where should I focus my budget to get the best ROI?  What are the rules of engagement with this new customer base?  How can I keep my costs low to get the biggest bang for my buck?  What do I need to know to start my campaigns?

Participants will learn:

  • The differences between the types of social media outlets – Where to start and how to apply this information to help your business benefit from your efforts.
  • The good and bad of campaigns from big and small business – What worked, what didn’t.  What we can learn from others.
  • A framework to overcome the fear of diving into this new marketing world – How to jump in the waters and increase your business without driving customers away.
  • The Do’s and Don’ts to maximize ROI  – How to sincerely socially engage with the goal of increasing the quality of the relationships with your customers.
  • Tips for coordinating the managing your campaigns – How to do more with less!

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What Audiences Are Saying…

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“Jared has spoken at over 5 of my professional conferences as the Keynote speaker to thousands of our attendees. He usually covers social media topics with great content and humor. Our attendees love how he takes a complicated concept of the multiple aspects of social media including twitter, facebook, Instagram etc and simplifies the interactions so the attendees can help bridge the generation gap. Jared is professional and a true crowd pleaser!”